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Mivo is the best FREE HD music video maker and effect photo slideshow maker with reface effects, trendy AI face swap templates, AI art, popular music, stunning transitions, and animated , neon, 3D, cartoon video effects. Mivo helps you easily add music to video, edit video with music and pic for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Musical.ly etc.
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Artificial intelligence apps are the talk of the town these days. So every other website is launching different kinds of apps using AI intelligence. Currently, there are more than 240 AI apps available on Google that you can download and use for so many different purposes. But you know Mivo Apk is among the most trending AI app because of its unique features. This app is full of fresh characteristics and surprising attributes. You can swap your face in any video and make it look like it’s yours. Doesn’t matter if the video is from a movie scene or real-life footage.

MIVO APK will give you a unique and fresh look to the whole video by swapping your face in place of the original character’s face. So be ready to say goodbye to all the old and boring editing apps. And try Mivo Apk now and edit your videos professionally. You can make yourself look like a celebrity, a zombie, or a superhero. And trust me it will be so much fun. So go to the top of the page and grab Movi Apk now by clicking on the “Download Now” button. And enjoy it for an unlimited time.

What is Mivo Apk?

Mivo Apk is w face swamping video editing tool. It only works on a stable internet connection. And the results of face swapping using artificial intelligence technology are pretty impressive. We have made it so lightweight that it will fit in smoothly even on phones having low ram. It works smoothly and doesn’t make your phone hang. Your phone battery will drop slowly because of the fast built-in servers of this app. There are so many purposes which you can use this app for. The first one is making yourself a part of any movie or drama. All you need to have is a clip from that scene you want to be a part of. Then select the character on which you wanna put your face and click ok. It will take a few seconds and the results will amaze you.

The second part is already saved in clips from famous seasons and movies for you. In case you don’t have any files on your device then you can use these short clips. You can use them to check the performance of the app and also get an idea of how you will look like a specific character in a movie. So download Mivo Apk today and transform yourself into a superhero, a Villain, or any animated character. You can also add online music to your video and different effects. All these editing effects will make your video look more creative and professional. If you will share it on different social media platforms it will make your account grow. Your all videos will get thousands of likes which will gradually grow to millions of likes. If you wanna be famous on social media then start using Mivo Apk today by installing it on your phone now.

How to use Mivo Apk

If this is your first time using a video app having built-in AI technology. And you are feeling a little confused and finding this app complex to use. Then read this paragraph clearly as I am going to explain to you how to use this app. Just follow the given instructions. Choose a video clip you want to edit. Then select the video you want to edit. Select the character with which you want to wipe your face. Now choose a picture of yours and click ok. Wait until the editing is done. Now export the edited video to your phone and save it. Share it with your friends and on social media.

Features of Mivo Apk

As we were working on its features for too long to provide you with the best app. So now it is ready to impress you with its extraordinary performance. All the features are completely new and will give a remarkably stunning impression to the viewer. So let’s have a look at what Mivo Apk is offering us.

Face-swapping AI technology for you

You can swap your face in any clip. With this app, you can replace yourself in any short clip. For example, you can make yourself the main character of a movie or drama. You can make yourself a child or an old person. You can make yourself a villain in any Series. So use it today and try Mivo Apk for more fun and entertainment.

Add music to your video clips

After face editing, you can easily add different kinds of music to your clip. There are more than 5000 online audio tracks available for you. Use any track which suits the video most. Make sure to be creative while editing the video.

Editing effects for professional-level editing

We are providing you with about 40 Edition tools including different transitional tools also. So try them now but make sure you give your edit a decent professional look.

Grow your account with Mivo Apk

After editing your videos and clips with Mivo Apk you can grow your account and even get millions of likes and followers with this amazing app.

Earn money with Mivo Apk

I can easily guide you on how this app can become a permanent source of your income. All you need to do is make different social media accounts on all the famous platforms. As TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Then edit your videos with Mivo Apk. And earn from different promotional videos.


Mivo Apk is free to access and download. This app has smooth performance and effective results. If you love video editing then I suggest you must try this app at least once. It is free and has built-in Automatic update features. Be wise and quick and install Mivo Apk on your phone today.

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